Friday, August 21, 2009

Sigh, The End of Summer

The last show of the summer is here, and its going to be a

Wednesday August 26
7-9pm (sundown)

MGM, or Modern Garage Movement, is the collaborative endeavor between Felicia Ballos, Biba Bell, Jmlly Leary, and Robert McNeil. The project uses dance and music to explore the relationships between disappearance, endurance and metamorphosis. MGM is a group of dancers that tour across the country like a rock n roll band with a cowboy attitude, performing in garages, yards and galleries. This performance is the last hurrah of their August residency in Detroit, so don't miss it!

Sunset Performance
Inca Ore is the music project born to Eva Salens on her 25th birthday. She cites birthdays as a creative inspiration, as well as her neighbors in Oakland, CA which include preteen sisters, the mentally ill, Vietnamese families with a penchant for karaoke, and even a clairvoyant bad witch. her muses give an insight to her music existing as a "weave of oddities", and she describes her songs as "guided by ideas of gospel and centered around emotional and spiritual themes but playfully boogie with goofy touches and punctures of highness."

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