Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost in Lights

AUGUST 14 8-10pm
Friday Evening! Let's sit in the grass. Well, let's put down mats in the grass and sit on those. These two performances are going to feel good, i just know it.

Regression at 9pm! or as soon as it gets dark enough to see video projections!

Regression is an audio/visual experience masterminded by Detroit artists/musicians Alivia Zivich, Nate Young, and Mike Collino. Zivich and Young also work under the moniker Demons with Steve Kenney, and run an art and music label in Detroit, AA Records. Collino plays haunting violin in his solo project DOG LADY. Zivich is the video genius, crafting beautiful and hypnotic visual fields out of the sonic frequencies made by Young (who also performs in the band Wolf Eyes) while Collino adds his damaged melodies. The video and the music happen live, and experiencing the union will make you a better person.

Peaking Lights at 8pm!
Messed up Pop Music from Madison, WI
Rare sighting of these mystical creatures that live in rocks

Peaking Lights (Madison, WI) are a married couple that make self-described f*cked modern pop music. Reviews of their music often cite their marital bliss as the reference point for “sparks of warm fuzz” and “delicate psychedelia”. Making their own synthesizers and employing lo-fi recording techniques, Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis work in that magical land where art and music become one. The duo practice and record in a barn on the outskirts of town designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright disciple, and they run an eclectic resale store called the Good Style Shop that also serves as a spot for live music in downtown Madison. Let the sounds shower us with our own happiness.

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