Saturday, August 8, 2009

Frog Mountain in a Neo Country RESCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY!!! 3PM-6PM!!!

Well, you can't stop the rain. It's good for many many things, but art openings in empty lots is not one of them.

But we won't cry about it, we just moved the the opening party for
"Frog Mountain in a Neo Country" to tomorrow!

SUNDAY August 9 from 3PM-6PM!!

It's going to be even more fun tomorrow!

Davin Brainard and Chris Kerr have really outdone themselves this time.
The artwork is astounding!
Seeing is believing in regards to Davin's mountain of a painting entitled "1,000 Frogs"
and lawn games abound with Chris Kerr, including an entire 9 hole putt-putt featuring Detroit icons like Better Made potato chips and Ford VS Chevy!

The smiles and photo opportunities are going to be in full effect.
Be ready.

See you tomorrow!!!

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