Monday, August 10, 2009

Neo Country Heat Wave washes over Frog Mountain!

The rain brought the heat in full effect on Sunday, but we were ready for it. We had a snow tipped mountain and a big scoop of stroh's ice cream brought by the artists: Davin Brainard and Chris Kerr. Coincidentally my neighbors were having their own party, a fire hydrant water party! The parties quickly became one as The Lot patrons ran through the water finding relief from the heat and the kids discovered the art show, playing putt-putt and eating lemons out of the punch. It was lovely.
"1,000 Frogs" by Davin Brainard is a 20ft mountain of a painting, constructed entirely on site with the help of Michael Kearns. It is truly a sight to behold, rivaling the neon lights of the Motor City Casino just blocks away. Frog Mountain challenges us in a mysterious way, but the secret of Frog Mountain is in the frogs. Playing, pointing, napping and showing off their behinds, the frogs show us the world we want to be in. Brainard will be adding more and more frogs the month of August, so keep your eyes posted for more!

Chris Kerr and DeeDee Scacci came from Chicago with a truck full of love and an astounding array of lawn art. An impressive 9 hole putt putt course featured bridges over sand, a Michigan lake with lillypads and my favorite, a Better Made HOT chip bag complete with some leftover chips on the grass! Cut-outs of muscle cars, ice cream cones and the Original Vernors Leprechan brought us to our senses. We didn't know it before, but this is Neo Country, and The Lot is a city in that beautiful land.

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