Thursday, September 3, 2009

A magical way to end a magical summer

I can't believe the summer is over. The weather was surprisingly mild for us Michigan folk, which made for some lovely lovely days, but boy did it go by fast.

This last show asked more questions than it answered, and it was a fitting way to go into autumn, a season I always find as a time for reflection. The performance by MGM could not be contained by the physical space of The Lot, and it spilled out into the sidewalk, the street, and even my neighbor's house. A mix of synchronicity and improvisation, the dancers took us through a chopped up narrative, but the story was up to us to imagine. My favorite reactions were bemused smiles and questioning head-tilts. The music of Inca Ore is difficult to categorize. It feels as much as it sounds. The unrestrained vocals of Eva Salens guided us into the dark of the evening, and the flute.... The flute was the perfect sound to hear in that lot, to make us think about magic maybe. Or just to be.

It was indeed, magical.