Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tzarinas of the Plane

"Tzarinas of the Plane"
Faina Lerman
Bridget Michael

"From all space between the edges and the blood, the Tzarinas emerge from the plains in colors, without pardons to refuse your warmest kisses and exude forgotten delights. Praise and glory are not the ways to enlightenment, instead, despair, confusion, beauty, and joy deliver us to the oneness we seek.

Tzarinas of the Plain imitate and summon primal modes of communication and expression, relying on our senses to arrive at an experience that is playful and meaningful, yet unexpected. As innate human instincts disappear from a world of mindless distractions, our reactions to these infiltrating voids are evident. Our performances create a space between the real and imagined where we let go of our identities and take on new roles as fantastical creatures in absurd operas of life and death."

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  1. When is this happening or did it already happen?