Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Lot - Daytime!!

Drawing in the Margins: The Art of Notetaking

The Lot

3013 Cochrane, North Corktown, Detroit, MI

May 8, 2010 ~ 1:00pm-3:30 pm

As we rely less and less on pen and paper in our everyday communications at home, in the office, and in classrooms, the opportunity for doodles and sketched notes decreases. This note-doodling is important, as it becomes a physical representation of our minds at work processing data, and is a uniquely wonderful instance of image and text coming into simultaneous existence as two manifestations of one thing.

To explore these note-doodles and focus, we have created an environment of speakers and note-takers through a series of lectures and lecture-performances. The program features 8 lectures covering a wide range of topics, and we invite you to doodle during them! The price of admission for guests to attend the event will be only that they take notes and draw(doodle). Paper and pens provided.

Featuring Presentations by:
Boye Adegbenro (Odu Afrobeat Orchestra) “Lines Alive”,
Anthony Cruz MD “Sickness, Psychosis and Scandal:
Shocking Shorts from the ER” Mary Beth Carolan “Idealism
& Innovation in Detroit, or, No one listens to a Waitress”
Kat Hartman (cartoon expert), Samuel Gray (mysterious)
William Chan (NYC Lawyer)“Cultural Identity in the Roman
Empire”, Daron Roberts (Asst. Secondary Coach for the
Detroit Lions) “The Myth of Meritocracy” Mikey Henderberg
“Santa Claus is simply an anthropomorphized mushroom”

Musical Intermission at 2pm
by Samantha Linn & Andrew Barrett.

Food by the Woodbridge Pub

Hope to see you there!

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