Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drawing Power

"Drawing Power"
Mary Beth Carolan & Robert Reese

Sat. May 22 6-10pm
(dance performance at dusk)
Popps Packing
12138 St. Aubin

An interactive sculpture that will transform through two stages of
energy. The first stage will be a high energy dance performance.
Dancers silhouettes will be lit with high powered industrial lights
that draw power from the grid. The performance will be viewed from four
different sides of the cube. As night falls the sculpture will
transform into a quieter experience. Solar powered lights will kick on,
drawing power only from the storage provided by the sun that day.
Audience members will be invited to come inside, lounge around, and
gaze at the solar light show. (Dance by Tzarinas of the Plane)

Mary Beth Carolan is a multidisciplinary Detroit artist and is the recent recipient
of a 2010 Kresge Community Arts Grant for $9,000.00. In the fall she will be attending
the University of Michigan Masters of Fine Arts Program.

Robert Reese is currently an industrial electrician at the Ford Rouge
Center. Outside of "working on big machines and poking them with
probes and stuff", he's passionate about building projects. Recent
"volunteer projects" include a scratch built "vacuum forming machine"
for the University of Michigan-Flint's Engineering Science Department
and an "arc vapor deposition chamber, used to create buckyballs and
nanotubes" for UofM-Flint's Physics Department. This year he made a
personal metal-casting furnace and is working with metals. Upcoming
plans include a CNC machine that "uses an additive process to print
three dimensional chocolate sculptures."

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