Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Golden Casket of Earthly Marvels; Bulging the Question

Well here it is, the collaboration of the decade. The Lot teamed up with Popps Packing to bring you this golden casket. The title was inspired by a text penned by one Benedictus Figulus in the early 1600's. Alchemy, philosophy, the elements, psychopompery - we've got all that and more in this upcoming show.

"The Golden Casket of Earthly Marvels: Bulging the Question"
May 22 6pm-10pm
Popps Packing

12138 St. Aubin

In the Garden
David Prince "Hot Air Balloon Launch"
Nomad artist Prince brings us an unmanned hot air balloon made entirely from biodegradeable materials. The balloon is an elegant metaphor for a question, and he invites us all to imagine our own questions. Launch at 7pm

Graem Whyte and Scott Hocking "The Hole II"
Prominent Detroit artists Whyte and Hocking bring us Phase II of The Hole. You'll just have to see it.

Design 99 "Heartland Machine"
Husband and Wife Team Gina Reichert & Mitch Cope bring us the Heartland Machine, a project created in conjunction with the Heartland exhibition. They went looking for interesting arts initiatives and interventions throughout the Midwest and photographed/videotaped/documented the people, places and cities who make art in this region to document and export in the most spectacular way. The result is a sculptural self-contained information kiosk showcasing the character active in this region. Also its a sweet boat.

Mary Beth Carolan & Robert Reese "Drawing Power"
as described by Carolan

An interactive sculpture that will transform through two stages of energy. The first stage will be a high energy dance performance. Dancers silhouettes will be lit with high powered industrial lights that draw power from the grid. The performance will be viewed from four different sides of the cube. As night falls the sculpture will transform into a quieter experience. Solar powered lights will kick on, drawing power only from the storage provided by the sun that day. Audience members will be invited to come inside, lounge around, and gaze at the solar light show.

The Tzarinas of the Plane Faina Lerman & Bridget Michael

As mentioned above, there will be a dance performance, and it will be Detroit's Tzarinas of the Plane. Here's what they have to say:
"From all space between the edges and the blood, the Tzarinas emerge from the plains in colors, without pardons to refuse your warmest kisses and exude forgotten delights. Praise and glory are not the ways to enlightenment, instead, despair, confusion, beauty, and joy deliver us to the oneness we seek.

In the Galleries
Miroslav Cukovic "DRAWings"
The ever talented Slovenian artist Cukovic brings drawings that make you want to cry because they are so good and you can't quite put your finger on what it is about them that makes you look at them for so long.

8mm Film Collage by Guillotine Productions
When you run a used record album business, you end up with not just LPs but a variety of older media. Like 8mm films. Hello Records' Wade Kergan, Davin Brainard & Kathy Leisen are Guillotine Productions: specializing in Belle Isle bike rides and film collage.

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