Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Performance Photos!!

Words will not do to describe these amazing performances.
We need photos.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check out the fabulous article in the Metro Times

Hey everyone,
Performance Art Weekend is SATURDAY july 25 8pm JAMIE EASTER
Hope to see you all there!

Chris Turner and The Lot Letters

Artist Profile

The Lot letters have become a face and a personality for this project, and I’d like to highlight the artist who created them. Chris Turner envisioned the letters after seeing a photoshop picture I had put together that featured a wintry empty lot with gigantic white letters. He said, what if I do that? He made the “L”, and I was in awe.

The letters have personality. They are funny and warm. They make people smile. They possess a presence that is equally monumental and inviting, and The Lot would not be the same without them.

Chris Turner has vision. He is a very talented sculptor and painter, and one of my favorite things about him is his sense of humor. As we talked about his inspiration for the letters, he cited the 2007 documentary Helvetica”, a film that takes a look at the psychology of design and explores the influence and dominant presence of the Helvetica font in western culture. THE LOT letters are based on Helvetica, which Turner describes as “the Little Richard of fonts”.

He also talked about the way the letters evoke that Sesame Street feeling. When I think about Sesame Street, I think: safe, steps, inviting, solid, playful yet practical….. I also immediately think of Big Bird, but Turner says Grover was his favorite. Because he had two identities: super and non-super. And because Grover acted a little funny, like maybe he had a drinking problem, always falling down in an Un-Muppet-like way.

(Chris Turner) “When I was a kid, things were different in those days. You know, I always liked running around, shooting pop cans. I didn’t even start making art until I was 30. I would make stuff in my head, and then once I actually started making it, I realized I could do this every day for 100 years and never get bored.”

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This weekend is a can't miss show. Believe me.

July 25th
Saturday 8pm
Jamie Easter brings us a performance reaching into untapped regions of music composition and choreography, reducing our brains to jelly as our eyes mist with joy. Join us.

Sunday July 26
Peter Dobill

An unforgettable performance by NYC artist Peter Dobill beginning at 3pm - sundown. Dobill works solo inside intricate installations, often made of natural material. His work evokes an impression both tribal and gothic, and the effect is a dark and hynotic spell.

Check him out at

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Opening Photos!

For those of you who weren't there, The Lot celebrated its opening with a fabulous performance by Mary Beth Carolan, who singled-handedly created a new genre for cooking shows with her piece, "Cooking with Power Tools".

The menu:

Lemon & Pepper Tilapia
Garlic Coconut Mashed Potatoes (Sweet and Idaho)
Garlic Bread
Salad. Tossed.
Cake. Frosted

With the aid of her assistant Tommy and her personal DJ Johnny Saco, Mary Beth prepared this meal in front of a spellbound audience at the Lot using..... power tools!

She used a bench press to squeeze the lemons. She used a chop saw to cut the baguette. She used a potato shooter to toss the salad clear across the yard. She chopped the fish with an ax (i know, not powered, but certainly dramatic). She used an industrial grate to mash the potatoes, a drywall trowel to frost the cake, and to light the candles she used a blow torch.

Seriously. It was amazing and funny and it ruled. The best part was, the food tasted great! There wasn't anything left after audience members took to the buffet.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Early American Settlers said "When in Doubt, go the Artsy Route"!

Here we are, only a few days until the opening! I am stoked about the possibilities of flying lettuce, and of course, the christening the Lot. I got really pumped about this Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, so much so that I started daydreaming about oversize keys.... but I was like, What, am I gonna be the mayor and then give myself the key? You know, that's just silly.

So I then mused on ceremonies of this nature: Groundbreakings, Keys to the City, and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies. The first two I get, but where does a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony come from? Like any other good American Citizen, I posed my question to the Internets. An hour later I was angry, finding that familiar hollow feeling that comes with wasting an hour of perfectly good time on some random internet search. There I was, staring at giant gold plated scissors on Seriously.

Other than a few vague references to "Edwardian times", the Library was no help either. So then I was like, you know what? That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna get my Phd in American Culture Studies, and then I'll know all about this whole ribbon cutting thing, and by the way, who really was Johnny Appleseed anyways? I got pretty fired up.

But then I came to my senses and thought, nah, actually I think I'll stick with this "outdoor experimental art space" thing and just make up my own Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Mary Beth Carolan


Mary Beth Carolan is one of those people that make life more exciting. She is one of those people that hold a fascinating array of personality traits that seem like they should be contradictions, but actually compliment each other. Light and dark, serious and silly.....In short, she is truly unique. We are all in for a treat this Friday, so show up with smile.