Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This weekend is a can't miss show. Believe me.

July 25th
Saturday 8pm
Jamie Easter brings us a performance reaching into untapped regions of music composition and choreography, reducing our brains to jelly as our eyes mist with joy. Join us.

Sunday July 26
Peter Dobill

An unforgettable performance by NYC artist Peter Dobill beginning at 3pm - sundown. Dobill works solo inside intricate installations, often made of natural material. His work evokes an impression both tribal and gothic, and the effect is a dark and hynotic spell.

Check him out at www.peterdobillactionist.com

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  1. Go easy on me. I'm admittedly square. I was watching a performance of Stomp and thought how many talented performers there are in Detroit that could do something similar with all the junk that's been dumped in lots in Detroit... or perhaps use auto parts like hub caps and tires. There are many ways to make this unique to Detroit. Naming the group would be interesting. I like Assembly Line. If you like the idea, take it, or send it to somebody.